Wish Pendant Review

Gumigem Wish Pendant £12.95 – ideal for getting to those troublesome molars!
The pendant comes in matt effect with a special smooth surface which feels divine, like stroking velvet. The pendant comes in a range of subtle colours and they are perfect for reaching molars! The pendant is attached to a soft silky cord with a drop of approximaely 90cm which can be easily adjusted. They are perfectly designed for babies to interact with whilst worn by an adult.
The pendants are BPA, lead, latex and phthalate free, washable, sillicone jewellery.
It is strongly advised that babies are not left alone with the necklace due to long cord and the risk of strangulation. The pendants are designed perfectly for babies to interact with when worn by an adult.
My first impressions of the Wish Pendant were that it was super soft and smooth and I couldn’t help myself rubbing it between my fingers whilst sat wearing it. I even found myself chewing on it from time to time which weirdly i found quite enjoyable, just like when chewing a pen whilst thinking what to write. It is very flexible but just hard enough that a teething baby could use it to have a good chew on without being able to bite off any part of the pendant.
The colour is a very rich blue colour which i think works really well for those that don’t fancy wearing a brightly coloured jazzy teether around their neck. I found that people didn’t notice that the necklace was gumigem jewellery until they saw my baby chomping on it. Which was great as I always had people asking me about the pendant and I loved having a mummy item that made others curious. It is very hard to give any criticism to this item as it really is fantastic but if I was to say anything it would be that you need to carry something to wipe it with as i found myself wearing a sopping wet necklace if i didn’t wipe it after the little guy had finished chomping away at it. This is obviously not a problem as us mums usually carry baby wipes at all times anyway. Most days i don’t care about being covered in baby spit but if you are wearing a particularly nice top that day, you obviously want to try and last spit free for as long as possible.
The necklace was especially great for cuddle time. As a lot of mums will know, babies/toddlers don’t want to sit still for too long. Which means cuddles can be more of a wriggle in your arms than a loving embrace. The pendant meant my baby boy would cuddle up to me whilst enjoying the pendant. This was so nice when sometimes I just needed a 5 minute sit and cuddle and a break from chasing him around the house. It is also perfect for others that hold your child as you can pass the necklace on to them which is comforting if they aren’t too confident about being with new people. It is something farmiliar and comforting to your child which really does help with new surroundings and people.
The necklace is so convenient as i am sometimes in such a rush that I just completely forget to bring toys with me whilst out with the little one, but as I put it on at the start of the day it is always with me wherever I go.
Overall I would 100% recommend that parents buy this item. It has been a life saver on many occasions, it has allowed me to be even closer to my baby and given me precious 5 minute breaks when i have really needed them. We play games together with it and it doesn’t feel like I am wearing a baby teether around my neck.

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