Wave Bangle Review

Gumigem Wave Bangle £7.95 – perfect for independant babies
The wave bangle is a bumpy sensory fun bangle. The internal diameter is 60mm but will stretch to fit most adult wrists, without being to bulky for little wrists. It comes in various bright colours which means it can be paired with a wide range of other Gumigem products. They also fit neatly together due to the waved shape making them fun for babies to play with and build up into towers by stacking them.
The bangles are BPA, lead, latex, phthalate free sillicone washable, jewellery. The bangles are suitable and safe as unsupervised teething toys from birth and carry the CE mark.
Upon first trying the wave bangle it reminded me of something I wore when I was younger with its fun shape and smooth and stretchy material. It is easy to get on and off my wrist and isn’t uncomfortable to wear. I don’t usually wear bracelets mainly because I am constantly carrying my son in my arms and when holding him in one arm I find bracelets can dig in to him and also me. This was completely not the case when wearing the wave bangle.
The bangle was a slightly different blue colour to the wish pendant but nevertheless worked well as a set. The bracelet isn’t clumpy  and heavey as you would expect from wearing a teething ring around your wrist, it is actually light and quite narrow.
The bracelet out of the two was actually my favourite and I think that was partly to do with the age my son was at. He is quite independant now and wants to do everything on his own, so giving him my bracelet to do as he pleased, made him feel like he was getting something special to play with. There were so many times when I was changing his nappy, on a phone call, eating food and so on where I needed something to keep him happy (and quiet) for a bit, so being able to quickly whip off my bangle and give it to him no matter what I was doing was really handy. It also helped to stop him crying on many occasions and with it being on my wrist it meant i could grab something quickly even whilst stuck doing something like changing his nappy.
I also loved the fact that when out somewhere, that lets just say wasn’t the cleanest of places, or at a baby group where lots of babies had colds, I could give him something clean and fairly germ free to chew on. It also worked well when he was just recovering from a cold and he wanted to chew on toys at the group, so to avoid spreading germs I gave him the bangle instead of letting him chew on other babies toys.
The bracelet for me was a God send, I honestly don’t know how I managed without it before. There is nothing negative I can say about it! I wear it every day and have even gone on a date night with the boyfriend without realising I was still wearing it!

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