Family Cruise Bucket List

So we planned to have a holiday abroad this year but since we need to prepare for a new arrival we decided that the money was definitely better spent on our new baby. So although we will be putting a holiday on hold for a bit it gives us more time to save and plan and we can have a brill time with our two little ones. I have been trying to decide where to go for a family holiday and although there are so many places I would love to visit, the one type of holiday I haven’t been on before is a cruise.


I was looking in to the different places we could go on a cruise and I have compiled a list of the top destinations on my bucket list to go to with the family.

        1.The Caribbean

  1. I can just imagine the beautiful crystal clear sea and the amazing sights we would come across on a Caribbean cruise. I certainly wouldn’t hate the heat either! It would be amazing if we saw some sea creatures such as Dolphins and tropical fish with the kiddies. The beautiful beaches would also be the perfect place to build sandcastles and for this mum to get a tan! This one is definitely up there on my bucket list for a family holiday! I can just imagine being laid on a beach with bottomless cocktails listening to the palm trees sway whilst the kiddies play! It really would be the luxury family holiday of my dreams! Also the laid back lifestyle the locals have out there and how welcoming they are would be a nice change from some of the places you visit where tourists aren’t quite as welcome.

    2. Polar Regions

    I have to admit, I do really hate the cold. However if I was going to brave it then I think I wouldn’t mind if it was because I was on a cruise of the Polar Regions. The amazing views would beat any feeling of being cold and it would be amazing to see the beautiful wildlife, from Penguins and polar bears to big beautiful whales. This one I would probably want to wait until the children were a bit older, so they can appreciate it, however it would be amazing to go one day, especially leading up to Christmas. I can imagine it being really quite magical. It would be an amazing memory to have, looking up at the Aurora Borealis with my family.

    3. USA and Canada

    If i’m honest, the main reason I would love to do this cruise is because I have never visited America before. I went to Mexico once but that was as close as I ever got. I would love to be able to say I have seen the sights and I know my husband would love to go there too. Also getting to visit Canada would be brill as I’ve heard it’s an amazing place to visit and apparently Vancouver is beautiful! You also visit/see Hawaii in this trip which is just another reason why I would love to book this cruise. It would be such a varied trip and you could do a bit of everything from shopping and stuffing your face with the yummy American food to seeing the famous tourist spots or having some chill time with the family on a beach.

    4. Africa

    Ok, so this post has a recurring theme. I keep talking about the animals we would see but it really is a once in a lifetime opportunity to see these animals in their natural habitat. I mean what an amazing experience to give my kids! Therefore a trip to Africa is definitely on the bucket list because it would be a memory we all could cherish for life.  Sure, holidays in hot countries with water parks and brightly coloured drinks are fine but you can’t beat a bit of culture. Although I wouldn’t say no to grabbing myself a cocktail whilst I’m there! Africa is another place I haven’t properly visited (apart from Egypt) and I know it is another place that is meant to be absolutely stunning. I would definitely be bringing some souvenirs back as the local vendors make some really unusual and amazing one of a kind items with lots of detail.


Where would you travel with the family if you could? Would you go on a cruise or have you been on one before? Would you recommend? Let me know in a comment!


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