I’m Dreaming of a Hot Winter

This time of year, the weather is pretty miserable and cold and that also means plenty of bugs are circulating. It’s the time of year when I just want to hide in my home until things warm up a bit and everyone is no longer ill. This is exactly why I keep dreaming about the holiday I had back in September time (blog post to follow) and I am wishing I could grab some Winter sun somewhere!

I have actually been scrolling through holiday sites looking at where I could go this time of year that has sun. Maybe If I write a letter to Santa I might get lucky? There are so many options of where I could go and I am actually quite surprised by some of the locations as I was expecting some not to be very warm in Winter. The great thing about going in Winter also is that depending on where you are going it can be quite a saving holiday cost wise!

HolidayGems.co.uk actually has a Winter Sun section on their site under the ‘holiday deals’ tab. This makes it so much easier to find where you can jet off to for a bit of sun. It lists 5 top destinations for Winter Sun and you can find plenty of deals for each. Lanzarote, Gran Canaria, Tenerife, Cape Verde and Orlando are the 5 destinations featured.


Lanzarote is one of the Canary Islands just off the coast of West Africa. In Winter the average temperature there is 19 Degrees Celsius and the Sea average is 20 Degrees Celcius. Travelling from the UK to this destination really isn’t too long a journey and you can find some amazing deals and budget breaks here in Winter.

Gran Canaria is slightly further South than Lanzarote meaning the average temperature is a little higher at 22. It is famous for it’s lovely coastline but in Winter however it is recommended to also explore other areas such as their pine forests and Volcanoes. If a dip in the sea is more to your liking however it certainly isn’t a bad temperature at an average of 21 Degrees Celsius.

Tenerife is a very popular location for Winter sun, especially with flights from UK only being around the 4 hour mark. In Winter in the UK you get maybe 1 hour of sun (if we are lucky) whereas in Tenerife you get up to 6/7 hours of beautiful sunshine. The average temperature in the day time is approximately 20 Degrees Celsius and it is the perfect temperature for a chill day or for exploring. There is plenty to see and do there from tropical forest walks to colonial towns and dramatic landscapes.

Cape Verde is situated 500km off the coast of Senegal. Average temperatures for this destination is around 24-25 Degrees Celsius so if you want something just that little bit warmer this is the one for you. Flight times from the UK to Cape Verde are a little longer at approximately 6 hours but it still isn’t too long to travel for some sun. There really is something for every type of traveller with beautiful beaches and plenty of places to visit for drinks and fun.

Orlando is the furthest Winter sun destination to travel to from the UK with an approximate flight time of 10 hours. Obviously Orlando is famous for the likes of Walt Disney World, Universal studios and the Kennedy space centre (just to name a few). Orlando is usually on lot’s of families bucket lists (including mine) and it’s a goal to take your children there. Aside from all of the fun attractions you can visit, Orlando is a great place to visit if you are wanting some sun in Winter with average temperatures at 23. So if its a longer break and a chilled out time you are looking for in the sun Orlando is a great option, with or without the kids!


I don’t know why I never really thought about going away in Winter before. I suppose it’s the idea that the places I would need to travel to, to actually get some decent sun would have to be much further away. I always naturally go away peak times from around June to early September and some days it’s too hot to actually enjoy the sun. I definitely think a Winter sun break is a great time to take a family holiday especially with little ones. Let’s face it, how much time do we have to sun bathe when (like me) you have a 4 year old with you? When it’s too hot, trying to do activities with your child just makes things exhausting.


I know I could definitely use some sun on this vampire-like skin right now and I would love to have a break right after this crazy busy time that is Christmas. I think all mum’s should have a Winter sun break right after Christmas! It should be prescribed by doctors for any parent who hasn’t stopped over Christmas!


If you could take a break in Winter where would you go? Would you take the kids and would you go off exploring or would you chill for the entire duration? Comment below!



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