An Extra Special and Sparkly Gift For Christmas

Looking for a present for that special someone? Something that can be kept forever and yet they can get plenty of use out of? Something that shows how much you love them whilst also being a really beautiful gift. Why not go for a quality diamond ring?

As soon as you hear diamond ring, people just think of an engagement ring but there are so many options out there that really you can consider them as a gift for anyone you love! The word diamond is usually associated with spending a huge amount of money too but there really are so many options for different budgets. You don’t need to spend hundreds or thousands to buy a high quality and stunningly beautiful ring.


I have chosen some of my top picks as gifts for the special lady in your life!


I really love this White Gold Tanzanite and Diamond Ring is actually one of my favourites as I think it looks quite fairy tale-like. I feel like it is something you would see in a live action Disney film being worn by the princess. I love the colour of the Tanzanite stone in the middle and it looks very pretty surrounded by little diamonds. I think this ring is quite unusual and it is not your average diamond ring. It has quite an interesting design and is really unique. It’s only £225 so not a bad price at all for all of that bling!



Rose Gold is really ‘in’ at the moment and it is becoming more and more popular. I love this Two Colour Diamond Cluster Ring and the fact that it is a mix of the two colours. The added rose gold introduces a bit of colour without it being too much. It really shows off the big diamond cluster feature in the centre with the rose gold colour either side. It is a really nice twist on a traditional diamond ring! At only £125 (reduced from £275) this ring is certainly not a bad price!




If you are looking for something a little more understated that still looks really pretty this White Gold Crossover Wishbone Ring is perfect. The price tag is pretty good too at only £69.95 which is a bonus! It still features plenty of diamonds and I think it looks like it should have cost more! The great thing about this style is that it looks great on its own but also looks great with other rings, especially if you need the ring to dip down at the front to accommodate the shape of the ring worn above it.



This 9 Carat White Gold Diamond Cluster Ring is simply stunning! The price tag isn’t quite a low as the ones above however if you are looking for a stunningly unique engagement ring this is perfect! It should have been £1399 but is currently reduced to £699!! I love that it is covered in diamonds and has a slightly vintage element to it. It is a bit different from the usual engagement ring and really would sparkle in the light.


This 9 Carat Gold Sapphire and Diamond Cluster Ring is a beautiful design with a very 1920’s feel. I am more of a white gold fan my self but this one really caught my eye. This ring is definitely something I would look at for my mum as I think the blue sapphire surrounded by the diamonds and then the gold band really stands out but is also still tasteful. It isn’t too much yet at the same time has a bit more to it than some other styles. If I was to wear a ring with a bit more colour this would definitely be something  I would look at! This ring is also not a bad price at £250 and you would think it would cost a lot more with the amount of diamonds and sapphires featured.


I love looking at ring as I am a huge ring fan and my husband (boyfriend at the time) always knew he couldn’t go wrong with a ring as a gift! Now that I have an engagement ring and wedding band on my finger I don’t tend to wear many other rings as obviously 2 are more than enough, but I certainly wouldn’t mind one for my other hand! Rings are the only jewellery I have ever really worn, even with all the beautiful jewellery I have, its the rings that I really treasure and wear. My necklaces and bracelets unfortunately just collect dust in a cupboard somewhere but once I have a ring that I love it is never taken off!

If you are wanting something extra special for someone you love then I recommend a beautiful diamond ring. The rings I have listed above are just some of the options out there and you really can get any style to suit anyone. There are so many gorgeous rings out there and now, especially is the time to buy with the sales on around Christmas time! Did you know you can even get black and pink diamonds? So you really can choose something unique and perfectly suited to the person you are buying for!


This post is in collaboration with F. Hinds Jewellers

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