Before You Shop Check Groupon For Coupons

If you have been following this blog for very long, you will notice that I love a bargain and love finding and sharing deals. I am always looking for ways to save money when buying things and find the latest deals or discount codes.
It is definitely a lot easier now with so much online that helps you save without having to check emails and flick through newspapers. One of the best things ever invented was the daily deals sites that offer big discounts on things like restaurants, days out and goods. The biggest and best site is Groupon, which has such a huge range of deals on offer.

Did you know that Groupon actually offers another way to save besides their daily deals? I didn’t actually realise this until more recently which I am ashamed to admit! Groupon offer another really useful service on their site which helps you find all the latest sales, discounts and codes for other online retailers. You can find out in seconds if there are any savings to be had by clicking on the codes/discount codes section of their website and then typing in a retailer in to the search box. It really is as simple as that and within seconds a full list of the current offers and discounts will display for you.

One of my favourite sites for holiday clothes is ASOS and obviously holiday clothes shopping really is expensive. Especially if you have to buy clothes for the whole family for a 2 week holiday. The thought makes me want to cry with my holiday coming up! I was always keeping my eye out for any offers on their site or sales and regularly checked my junk inbox and online. But after discovering sites like Groupon offering a service that saved me doing that, they are now my go to place for checking for any savings! I can now instantly see the deals, discount codes and sales currently on at ASOS. Yay! As if I signed up to every single newsletter before just to try get discounts!

Since I am always trying to help my followers save money or always telling you all about the latest deals I felt like this was such an obvious and simple thing to mention as believe it or not, not everyone knows about it! It’s of course completely free to use the service too which is good as you hardly ever get anything free these days. Even checking your own credit score costs you a bomb nowadays. So next time you are about to shop online before you buy make sure to check Groupon!


This post is in collaboration with Groupon. I only work with brands or businesses and allow topics that I feel are of interest to my readers

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