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With new must have items coming out all the time and the huge price tags that come with them, it’s no wonder why setting up credit accounts with various online stores and catalogues is so popular. You could grab that £2000 TV right now for smaller payments made monthly over time, so there is no longer a need to save up and wait. The only problem people face when going down this route is when they aren’t approved for an account. This can be quite disheartening, especially as a lot of the time you don’t find out that you aren’t approved until going through a process of applying. It can actually be quite time consuming applying and waiting to find out. I used to work in a store a few years ago and I remember offering store cards to customers. They would fill in a lengthy form and then I would call up a number, pass on all of the information written on the customers form, then the customer would speak to them and we would wait to see the outcome. It sometimes took a good 20+ minutes to do, so finding out that you haven’t been approved after that is very frustrating. Applying online is definitely easier but after being rejected a few times you would probably just give up.

I discovered the website, which to be honest I was totally unaware of until now. I soon learned that the website was a comparison service for UK catalogues, which at first I wasn’t sure what that actually meant. After having a look at the website I realised that it was actually rather brilliant and I didn’t know a site like it existed. The site narrows down the top catalogues that you are most likely to be approved for. This is particularly useful for those with an adverse credit rating and it also saves you a lot of time. The site reveals which catalogues have the best acceptance rates with catalogues that include everything from electricals, furniture and appliances to clothing. With a wide selection of credit options including pay weekly, pay monthly, and buy now pay later options. The site also lists useful information about each catalogue including their products, delivery & returns, interest charges and payment options. So you can avoid the ones that don’t suit or apply to you.


I had a little look through the site and it was really easy to use with categories you could select to narrow down which catalogue was suited to what you were looking for. Also the other brilliant thing about using this site is if you sign up to their newsletter you get 10% off your first order, so you actually save money too! The site has some really great advice on there about applying for catalogues/credit accounts. It is clear that they aren’t just about making money as they regularly make it clear that whilst they have gone to every effort to make the application easy it doesn’t mean you will be accepted. They list the positives and the negatives of catalogues and credit accounts with lots of information including advice on how to improve your credit score. They also offer for you to get in touch with them about any questions regarding the information on the site and to ask about any other catalogues. The service they provide is completely free to you also, with no hidden costs whatsoever. The way they make their money is by affiliate links, so they are paid a small percentage of sales by the catalogues and this doesn’t affect the amount you pay.

I definitely recommend having a look on their site as it really is useful and the 10% newsletter discount is brilliant! Catalogues and credit accounts aren’t for everyone but you never know when you might need to open one and it’s great to know a site like this exists. It is definitely better than spending half an hour filling in forms and on the phone over and over again like I had to endure many years ago.

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