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28 Day Challenge & Slissie Review

The 28 day challenge includes a diet plan and you can attend 3 1 hour classes a week for the 28 days. You also get full support and help the whole way through. I received the diet plan and instantly wanted to run out of the building crying as I panicked! I am such a fussy eater and I live on fruit which was one of the main things cut out in the plan (for the first 2 weeks) due to having to cut out all sugar to begin with. The other thing was you had limited options for breakfast and a lot of the plan revolved around eggs and omeletts…and I hate eggs. There was the option of a protein shake for breakfast instead but I can’t drink them without gagging (I think they taste like liquid playdough!) With having no fruit or anything sweet on there I was really going to struggle. I came home and that night I already broke my diet and felt rubbish and so did Kelly. We started really badly and with a lot of stresses going on in our life (me buying my first house is just one example) we both lacked motivation. However my mum was and still is doing brilliant, so hats off to her!

Around this time I was contacted by a company called Slissie and I really couldn’t have received the email at a better time. Now, before you think I am about to sell you some ‘miracle’ (rubbish) weightloss pill or similar, this is just not the case. This isn’t a pill or something full of weird and wonderful chemicals or something that is going to dangerously increase your heart rate. This is is an electronic slimming aid that delivers a tasty burst of appetite suppressing flavour that distracts you from snacking and helps you achieve healthy, sustainable weight loss.

Slissie was created by a woman named Lizzie from Edinburgh when looking for a way to break her snacking habits. Lizzie created a prototype with the popular 5:2 diet and In two weeks had lost 9lbs. The most amazing thing was that with Slissie she was able to stay 9lb lighter even after the diet stopped. Now if you think you can eat fast food every day and use this to lose weight then you will definitely struggle but Slissie is designed to be used along side a diet to help you stay on track whilst satisfying that craving for sweet treats and snacks. It also has natural ingredients that have been known for helping to lose weight such as Guarana. Aside from a very common preservative which is used in most foods, Slissie contains only natural ingredients, so there are no harmful weightloss chemicals!

The Slissie comes packaged in a nice little box with 3 different filters/flavours. It is great value for money with it being rechargeable and the only thing you will need to replace are the filters when they run out. The Slissie starter pack is £39.99 and comes with 2 re-fill packs. You can buy re-fill packs for only £4.99 or 3 for £12.99. When you comare that to the cost of snacks every month you can save a fortune! The re-fills come in 5 different flavours: Vanilla, Mint, Fruit, Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate. So I hoped this would help with my need for something sweet and help me stick to my diet.

 I found Slissie very easy to use and the instructions easy to follow. It took approximately 1 hour to charge it and lasts me atleast a couple of days. It is charged by a USB cable so can just be plugged in to your laptop whilst at work. Slissie doesn’t give off any smoke or produce a strong smell which means it doesn’t affect people around you and is rather discreet. This means you can use it anywhere without it being a problem. The flavour isn’t too strong but really taste nice. I particularly loved the mint one as it gave me lovely fresh breath and also tasted great. I did actually want the flavours to be a little stronger as I really did love the taste!

After 2 weeks of using Slissie I have definitely seen a huge decrease in the amount of snacking I have been doing. I don’t know if it is the habit of having something in my hand and in my mouth when feeling the need to snack or the actual flavours of the slissie but I do know it definitely helped! Although I still have 2 weeks left of my challenge I feel this is really helping me and can see me using slissie a lot in the future. I just wish I had it from the beginning of my 28 day challenge as I just wasn’t doing great. I will be doing the 28 day challenge again properly in January so will be using this alongside the challenge to hopefully produce some great results that I can share! With this challenge I have already lost weight but won’t know how much until the end of the 28 days.

Kelly also had great results using Slissie, you can read about her experience below:


‘As most will know being a mum can be busy and stressful and is sometimes hard sticking to a “diet” as such. I have a terrible sweet tooth which can be a problem at times! I was sent the product to review and I have to say I’m very very impressed with the results! I decided to join a 28 day challenge at my local gym which consisted of exercising 3 times a week. I was also put on a meal plan to follow. The meal plan was very very basic lots of meat and veg and didn’t include anything sweet at all, which was of course very difficult for me with craving sweet things. That’s where this magic product came in handy. As soon as I craved something sweet I grabbed my pen and it gave me Instant tasty flavours that I craved! My favourite was the mint flavour and it also kept my breath nice and fresh I am very happy with the results. In 28 days a total of 10lbs was lost and I have also gone down a dress size. I very rarely snacked and found sticking to my diet plan so much easier.’

I would definitely recommend Slissie to anyone who loves to snack and wants to cut down or who is struggling to stick to their diet. It will help you save money too as less money is spent on snacks!


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