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So…? Couture NYC Eau De Toilette & Body Spray Review

I was offered the opportunity to give the New So…? fragrance range a try. I haven’t actually used So…? fragrances for years and I used to regularly buy their mini hand bag sized body sprays to always carry around with me at Sixth Form, so it has been a while. I was interested to try their Eau De Toilette as I have only ever tried the body sprays before and wanted to compare the scent to some of the more expensive brands out there. I was also very excited to receive the new body spray too, which quickly found it’s way in to my handbag!

The new So…? fragrance range consists of 4 different scents. So…? London, So…? NYC, So…? Paris and So?… Rio. After reading about the different scents I opted for the So…? NYCfragrance. It had top notes of Grapefruit, mandarin and apricot. Heart notes of Jasmine, rose and violet with base notes of sandalwood, vanilla and musk. It really is hard to tell whether you will like a fragrance from reading about the notes/ingredients¬† however the combination of vanilla, musk and the fruity mandarin and apricot really sounded appealing.

When I received the eau de toilette and the body spray i loved the packaging/bottle they came in. They were very bright pink with a picture on the front featuring hearts, handbags, makeup, shoes and more. Making it a very pretty looking fragrance that really appealed to the girlie side of me.

I purposefully didn’t re-apply the eau de toilette throughout the day, to really test how long it would last. I was very impressed that I got to the end of the day and could still smell that delightful scent. It had slightly faded but gave a nice subtle smell that people were still complimenting me on later on in the day.

The body spray that was sent with it had the exact same scent and was great as I just couldn’t get enough of the smell and wanted to cover my entire body in it! It was also great for a quick freshen up throughout the day. With the spray bottle being nice and small it fit perfectly in my handbag to take out with me. I found myself spraying a little in the house when I had people coming round! It would be great if they made a room spray/mist of this too!

Before trying these scents I was one of those people that did like the idea of perfume/fragrances and did have lots of nice expensive ones in, but never bothered to wear it unless it was a special occasion. However since receiving this over a week ago I have been using it almost every day.

My boyfriend has noticed that i have been wearing it and he loves it too, which is great as he was never a fan of some of the fragrances I used to love and wear.

As well as it being such a lovely fragrance the other brilliant thing is it doesn’t break the bank to buy it. The Eau de toilette is only ¬£9.99 in the likes of Boots and the body sprays are currently reduced to only 98p in Superdrug! Even at full price the body sprays are only ¬£1.99 normally!

I would definitely consider trying the other fragrances now I have given this one a try. It is such a pretty, girlie scent which you would have thought was some designer expensive fragrance. I would definitely recommend getting the body spray to go with it to keep in your bag, especially for those warmer days in the summer where you need to freshen up!

To see the full range of fragrances CLICK HERE

To find stockists/to buy online CLICK HERE

To buy the discounted Body Sprays at only 98p (as mentioned above)! CLICK HERE

You can also find So…? on Facebook HERE and on Twitter HERE

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