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YouBeauTEA Review

I always come accross some really unusual and interesting stores/businesses on Twitter. I came accross one Profile which really had me interested and they were selling a product called YouBeauTEA. YouBeauTEA is Australia’s first anti-ageing tea which stimulates your body’s collagen and reduces fine lines and wrinkles. Raspberry Collagen Tea with Vitamin C for younger, flawless, glowing skin. Their unique anti ageing tea thickens and shines your hair, also making your nails stronger. You BeauTEA is sourced from Japan, where the women are known to indulge in collagen tea, and are famous for their flawless skin. Sounds too good to be true, right? Well unfortunately as I m only 23 I haven’t started noticeably ageing just yet so I can’t report back to you on the anti-ageing side of things but I do believe that It really could work due to experiencing other results.

I did actually benefit from the tea in other ways which, on it’s own made it a miracle tea! I have really rubbish nails and they are always short, uneven and just the typical busy mum nails. However after drinking the tea for a little over a week my nails actually started growing for the first time in years! Instead of snapping as they got longer they continued to grow and get lovely and long. I can’t remember the last time my nails looked so great! They were so strong too and and I had done my usual mummy routine that week and didn’t chip a single nail.

The smell of the tea is really fruity and quite nice. I was a bit dubious before drinking it as I know some of the weightloss/detox tea’s can taste a little weird, so I was expecting to really not like it. However I was pleasantly suprised and actually really like the taste. I found myself looking forward to a hot drink whereas before I was never one to fancy a cup of tea. It was much more enjoyable than taking some supplement or similar and the results really were brilliant.

The tea comes from Australia however they deliver all over the world for free and I was suprised at how quickly it actually arrived to me. I think the price is quite good too at only $34AU (£17.57) for 30 tea bags! Cheaper than some of the anti-ageing creams out there!

I would definitely recommend this to someone who doesn’t have time to look after their skin every day and especially those who love a cup of tea on a regular basis! Just replace your normal tea with YouBeauTEA and your skin, nails and hair will surely improve in no time. Plus YoubeauTEA is a lot better for you than normal tea and doesn’t contain any Caffeine!

If you would like to find out more the you can visit the website HERE

Make sure to follow YouBeauTEA on Twitter HERE


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