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Road Safety quiz –

Every parent worries perfusely about their children and will never stop worriying. All you can do is hope that you have taught them enough to make good decisions and be safe. You teach them new things every day in hopes that they will remember it and it will serve them well in future situations. Road safety is a big worry for parents, especially if you aren’t always with them. For example if they are looked after by a child minder or are at a friend’s house or they are on a school trip. Although you would hope all accompanying adults would ensure the safety of your child, you also want to know that they themselves know how to be safe, and especially those children who are bordering on the age where they can play outside or cross roads without being made to hold an adults hand. So the question is, how much do your children really know when it comes to road safety? Sure they may know to stop, look and listen but do they know the safest places to cross a road? Do they know that it is safer to walk further down to a crossing than cross on a bend. Do they know what the flashing green man actually means? These are important things that do very easily get forgotten about when teaching children road safety. has devised a road safety quiz for parents to do with their children. There are 10 easy questions on road safety that will test their knowledge and help teach them some important¬† facts (without overwhelming them). The results from the quiz can be shared on social media also, so you can get your friends to take the quiz too. The great thing about the quiz is you can turn it in to a game or maybe even a competition and you can keep testing your kids all the time. They will soon be able to answer them all correctly and you will feel that littlest bit more at ease about your little ones being safe when they are not with you. As well as taking the quiz you can also read all the very scary but very real facts about road accidents and children. Ok so I know this isn’t going to help put you at ease but your little one being able to confidently answer all the questions correctly certainly will. Seeing the facts will put in to perspective how important it is to give children as much information as possible on road safety!

To take the quiz and find out more CLICK HERE (This quiz has now ended! Sorry!)

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