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My Buddy Box Review – Plus Free Delivery Code!

I was sent a brand new product to try called my buddy-box and I was very excited to give it a go. My buddy-box is a fantastic alternative to plastic bags when out shopping and an alternative to other storage solutions for your every day use. Now I know what you are all thinking… how excited can you get over a box? Well actually pretty excited! Especially since it made my life so much easier AND it came in a really cute design! So much nicer than a supermarket plastic bag or a cardboard box!

What exacly is my buddy-box and what makes it so special?

When it arrived it took just seconds to figure out how to open and set up the box, and took only a few steps. When folded down in to the briefcase style carrier, it was no bigger than a solid plastic folder and was very lightweight. The fact that it was so light you would think it wouldn’t hold so much, however once set up it was very rigid and it withstood a great deal of weight, without adding much weight on to the load. The box is said to withstand over 20kg of weight which is more than the average person can carry anyway!

There were four major benefits of using a my buddy-box instead of plastic bags and the first was reducing the amount of unwanted plastic bags in my house, which would normally just pile up in a cupboard somewhere. The second was i could carry a lot of items when shopping without the risk of bags bursting or the stopping of circulation in my fingers from handles on plastic bags. I am sure everyone can feel my pain on this.

The third was i could space out and stack my items so that none would get crushed, tip over or break unlike in a plastic bag. The box fits in to majority supermarket trolley’s to load items in from till and can be hooked on back of trolley (when folded down) whilst shopping.

The final major benefit was that because i could stack the boxes on my back seat in my car, i could fit a lot more in the car and I didn’t have items flying out of bags or falling under the seat whilst driving.

My buddy-box isn’t just great as a replacement for plastic bags when shopping, it is great for replacing any storage container such as a card board box, toy box etc. I use mine for picking up all of my son’s toys and putting them all out of the way quickly when people are coming round to the house. It is also great if for example you are having a clear out and need to carry everything to another location, and it is much better than keeping cardboard boxes in the house at all times.

This simple handy item will make a small but very significant difference to your every day tasks. I have lost count on how many times my day has been ruined from a bag ripping whilst getting shopping out of my car, so to never have one of those days again, to me it is definitely worth investing in.

To find out more or to buy a My buddy-box click the link below! Plus use exclusive code CESCA for free delivery!

My buddy box – £14.99

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