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Dermatique Recuperating Cream review

I was very excited when I was asked to try Dermatique Recuperating cream as I naturally have quite dry skin and I had heard this would really help.

Dermatique is a lovely british brand developed by the owner after their daughter Patricia was diagnosed with Eczema (you can read the full story here) Their Recuperating Cream is an intensive healing cream which can be used to treat dry skin and conditions such as Eczema, Dermatitis and Psoriasis. Plus it is great as just an every day moisturiser for normal skin and to soothe redness or acne. I currently had quite a bit of dry skin and some slightly sore patches on my face so it was the perfect time to try out the cream.

When my skin is particularly sore/dry i find it hard to use certain products, creams and makeup as obviously it can hurt my skin. When I tried the Recuperating cream it felt very smooth on the skin, like soft butter and didn’t sting or hurt at all. It instantly soothed my skin and although it easily absorbed in it didn’t go back to being dry again afterwards. Check out the comparison photo on the right to see the difference to the

dry/sore patches on my chin, also how much the redness had gone down and how great my skin looked.

It felt as though I had not long applied face cream for a while after putting it on. It didn’t feel greasy on the skin like a lot of emollients and creams you are given for skin conditions (which lets face it are just down right awful!) The other great thing about the cream is that a tiny bit of it went a very long way! The good sized 100ml tub would last you a very long time and therefore I thought it was a bargain at £29.00. If you are the type of person to buy some £4.99 face cream then I can see why this may seem like a lot but I would pay double that price if it helped my dry skin/eczema. Unlike the highstreet brands of body/face creams, this one is colourless, in a plain white tub without fragrance/perfume. This is because it isn’t meant to be admired on a shelf or make you smell like strawberries, this is to help repair your skin problems. When you are prescribed antibiotics from a doctor, they aren’t meant to be pretty, they are meant to make you better. This cream really did make my skin feel so much better and really soothed the bad areas! I have tried it on my sons skin also who suffers from very bad eczema and it seems to stop him itching and keeps him feeling soft. It also toned down the redness a lot! All the ingreditents are completely safe for him also and is even better than using creams specially designed for babies which still have perfumes and colour in! Dermatique Recuperating cream contains no steroids, mineral oils, peanut, perfume, colour and is paparben free! So I felt completely confident that the cream was safe for my son’s skin.

I would totally recommend this cream to anyone with a skin condition such as eczema, psoraiasis and those with dry/senstive skin! If you are wanting something that smells nice and is in a pretty bottle then I am afraid this might not be for you, but It 100% works and I know what I would rather use!

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