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Auritech Ear Plugs Review

I was sent some Auritech sleep ear plugs  to try and I was really pleased as I am a terrible sleeper. Especially since I have what can only be described as a grizzly bear with a sinus  problem sleeping beside me every night, aka the boyfriend!

At first I thought, what is so great about these particular ear plugs? Surely all ear plugs are the same and do the same job! I also thought after having a try of the ear plugs, I might not be using them again because being a mum to a toddler I need to be able to hear him in the other room whilst sleeping. But the Auritech sleep ear plugs can only be described as magic and  I have worn them every night since being sent them last week! I even wore them to write this review, to get rid of some of the background noises!

You will still be wondering what is so great about them. Well Auritech ear plugs soften snoring and backround noise whilst still allowing you to hear alert sounds such as a child or an alarm. And yes they actually worked! So ok, they didn’t completely get rid of the sound of my partner snoring (I suggest a sock in the mouth of the snorer for an even better result!), however it reduced the sound enough so that it didn’t keep me awake and I had a very undisturbed nights sleep. I could still hear my 16 month old shouting ‘mum mum mum’ at 8.30am when he woke up and I still heard my alarm. You may wonder how they do this, well it is because of the NN90 Ceramic filter inside the ear plug (but I prefer to just say they are magic!). The ear plugs cost £19.95 which is quite high however can you really put a price on a good nights sleep?! I am sure a lot of parents will agree that we would do anything to sleep soundly!

The design of the ear plugs meant that they were comfortable and didn’t irritate or hurt my smallish ears. They are much more comfortable and discreet than those cheap yellow foam ones that normally come free in a travel kit, and they stay in place without you having to keep stuffing them back in every now and again! Unlike a lot of other ear plugs (i.e. the foam ones), you can clean them very easily and they are also sillicone free. They come with a free little protective case so that you don’t lose them and can clip them on to your keys.

Auritech do other variations of ear plugs as well as the sleep ones such as the swimming ear plugs, so they are definitely worth a try if you are a regular swimmer or have ear problems after swimming.

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