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Chelsea’s Closet online clothing boutique review

I just recently began using twitter again after months and months of not even clicking on the app. So with very few twitter friends and posts i decided to have a look around at others profiles, to find friends and interesting people to follow. I came accross a twitter page called Chelsea’s closet which sold celeb style dresses and it instantly caught my eye. There are so many online clothing stores out there however i find they can sometimes be hit and miss with their clothing. This page had lots of beautiful dresses and flicking through photos one after another i found myself wanting to order them all! I was too busy focusing on the stunning dresses to even look at their prices and expected them to be a bit on the ‘pricey’ side. However i was very pleasantly suprised by the brilliant prices. You would expect a heavy celeb style bandage dress to be nearing the £100 mark or more however there were plenty under £40 with lots of other celeb style dresses for under £20/£30 and some as little as £7!!  I ordered 2 dresses totalling at £28 and that included postage! (see photos below).

 I have to admit, a few things concerned me before ordering. The first, was with it being a store on twitter i had to order by sending a direct message to the page and sending payment over. Which obviously would concern new customers like myself who had never ordered through from the page before. However the seller used paypal as their method of payment so this gave me some reassurance. The second was whether the dresses would fit as obviously i couldn’t try them on before buying. Since having a baby i have found my shape has changed so much and i  find myself fitting in some stores a size 10 and in some a 14. Sometimes i am different sizes on my top to my bottom. Which makes it a nightmare finding things that fit me right and more importantly, that are flattering! It was comforting to know that i could always exchange the dresses if i had any problems! So with this in mind i went ahead and ordered the items. They arrived packaged together around 3 days after ordering which i was very happy with as Chelsea’s closet had said they were coming from Ireland and I hadn’t a clue how long that would take. I was so impressed with the quality of the dresses and they fit like a dream! I ordered the blue dress (pictured left) for and amazing £7 and

              The only criticism I have is that for some, the postage may seem slightly high at £6. However the items were being posted from Ireland and were rather heavey pieces. If you ordered a few items then this cost was very little for the weight of the package. Also the dresses arrived in perfect condition so its worth the cost for them to arrive safely.

              One last thing to mention is that there were other ways to order besides sending a message on twitter. The company sells through instagram also and has a contact telephone number advertised on twitter which you can contact to order any items also. The customer service when ordering was just fantatic and they responded in seconds to all messages i sent and went that extra mile to make sure i was happy. I felt like i was ordering from a friend rather than a new store on twitter. We even had a nice chat whilst ordering :). How many times can you say that when ordering online?!

I would definitely recommend this store for buying your next party dress! It can be so hard after having a baby to feel nice and going out can be more of a chore and a pain than something to look forward to. So when there are flattering and well priced dresses

you can order, it really does make life easier :)

Currently dresses go up to a size 12 with the odd size 14 with it being new however keep an eye out for more sizes and styes added daily!

Find Chelsea’s Closet on twitter: ccloset99
Find on instagram: chelseascloset99

contact number: 07933831310

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