4 Fears I had As A New Mum – Emma’s Diary

    I was delighted to write my second article for Emma’s diary recently which has just gone live on the site. I talk all about the top 4 fears I had when becoming a new mum again! I particularly enjoyed doing the photo shoot for this one as Indie was being a little cutie! The article features Pampers and she ended up looking like a little Pampers model with her big grin and poses!

    Becoming a parent is so exciting! Whether it is your first, second or tenth baby, I don’t believe that excitement ever stops! 

    One thing that definitely doesn’t stop is the worries you have when they are born. Let’s face it, you have just made a brand new human and now you are responsible for them in every possible way. Even if you have children already, you can feel like a first time parent all over again! It can be rather daunting and scary and we are forever doubting ourselves.

    I had so many worries shortly after having my little Indiana. Aside from the usual checking she was OK every few minutes (don’t worry, you are normal!) there were things that played on my mind quite a bit. It is completely natural to have worries and to find things tough as a new mum. Sometimes it can feel like you are the only one finding it hard. In reality, however, we are all feeling the same and all just trying to do our best…… 

    You can read the rest of this article and find out my top 4 fears over on Emma’s Diary – 4 Fears I had As A New Mum

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